We launched our Election Manifesto last week – our priorities are very simple, jobs & investment for Limerick!

We sent a copy of the document to election candidates & are hoping that they will respond to meet with us to discuss the concerns we outlined on behalf of the business community. The situation is very serious and we need a new Government that will address the real fears that people are facing. People are in fear of losing their jobs/ business. People are in fear of losing their homes. Parents are in fear of losing their children to emigration. Action needs to happen and it needs to happen soon.

At  our board meeting last week we unanimously agreed that the key to addressing the issues in Limerick are contained in the recommendations of Limerick Local Government Committee Report, delivered to government by the highly-successful Denis Brosnan. We need the local governance issues in Limerick addressed and devoid of political patronage; we need a boundary extension and the savings (estimated at being up to Euro 20M per annum)  that will be generated from the amalgamation of the two governing authorities made available to reduce cost of rates in Limerick by up to 25%.   This will go some way in addressing some key infrastructural deficits that exist in Limerick. We need to get our house in order so that we can attract jobs and investment – to position Limerick as a city of 100,000 people and a single authority to deliver cost-efficient services to a Limerick city and county of 180,000. The first step in this process is streamlining our local government structure.  Addressing this is a priority that underpins many of our problems. The solution is available with the Denis Brosnan report on Limerick Local Governance in front of government. We need a government to adopt it as a matter of urgency and by doing so, putting the creation of jobs and the protection of existing businesses as the number 1 priority.

You can access a full copy of our manifesto by clicking here.