There is speculation as to whether Minister Gormley will present his recommendations on the Denis Brosnan Local Government report to cabinet before the disolution of the current Dail. Limerick Chamber has made it’s position very clear as to the preferred outcome. However, whatever Minister’s Gormley’s decision is, what is clear is that initially it is very much a political decision. And in this regard, it should be incumbent upon all TD’s and councillors in the region to work out an agreement between themselves in the best interests of the city and the region and to leave any personal agendas outside the door. I strongly recommend that this should happen. Our TD’s from all parties  should lead by example – meet together and hammer out an agreed position and generate the savings for the city and the region. Limerick City Mayor and Limerick County Cathaoirleach should do likewise. Because whatever the final decision will be, it will need the co-operation of our politicians and the management of the respective local authorities to make it work. And they all have a duty of responsibility and a duty of care to work out an agreed position to generate the savings proposed for the benefit of the city and region.