Shannon Airport is never far from our minds in Limerick and the Mid-West because of its strategic importance to all our lives. On Friday 3rd December, Limerickman David Dilger,  Chairman of the DAA (Dublin Airport Authority which incorporates ownership of Cork and Shannon airports) will address the Limerick Chamber Christmas lunch at the Carlton Castletroy Park. If you would like to hear the answers to the following, then please join us by booking with the Chamber. And if you have additional questions you would like answered, then please let us know:

  • What is the role and function of DAA – particularly with regard to Shannon ?
  • What has happened to financial performance at Shannon ?
  • What expectations are reasonable for Shannon ?
  • What are the options for Shannon ?
  • What is the future of Shannon ?
  • What is the impact of our six regional airports ?
  • Does DAA ownership or operation constrain Shannon ?
  • What is the optimal ownership structure for Shannon ?
  • What are the issues around “separation” ?
  • What needs to be done ?