Since concerns about issues in the city were expressed by traders last February we have met with City Hall’s management team on numerous occasions, as well as with the Gardai, Shannon Development and other stakeholders. We are delighted with some developments, especially the re-zoning of all on-street parking to two-hour zones. The message needs to spread – you can park for two hours in Limerick City Centre’s core for €2! And in addition to this fantastic value, people can now park in Limerick and pay per half hour through the Park Magic system. We really hope that these initiatives will act as an incentive for people to come into the City!

Another positive step in the right direction is the joint marketing partnership which is being developed. City Hall organised a facilitator from UL who has met with the relevant stakeholders (ourselves, Shannon Development, the co-ordination office and City Hall) to see how we can all work together more cohesively to promote and market Limerick. We will keep you updated on developments as they happen.

Of course there are outstanding issues which we continue to work with city hall on – specifically commercial rates. We feel these are currently acting as a barrier to investment into the city. We believe as a matter of urgency a rates incentive needs to be put in place. This needs to ensure that those in business in the city can remain in business, and as importantly – will act as an incentive to attract much-needed new investment and businesses into the city’s core.