Last night’s board meeting of the chamber had 14 out of 15 director’s attend. Maybe directors thought I was giving out tickets for the Heineken Cup semi final against Biarritz!! Seriously though, it was great to see such a full attendance as we had a full agenda to cover. What was on the table for approval by the board was the chamber’s priorities for the coming 12 months, the announcement of committees for each of the priority initiatives and the membership of those committees. I am delighted to confirm that the board has endorsed and approved the proposals and more importantly, every board director has signed up for active participation in at least one of the committees. So the following is what was endorsed and approved by the board:

Limerick Chamber Priority initiatives for April 2010 to March 2011

Approved at board meeting on Tuesday, 13th April, 2010

(highlighted names have agreed to chair the specific initiative)

 City Centre Renewal:                      Liam Dwan, Gordon Kearney, Tadhg Kearney, John Rice, Richard Rice, Eoghan Prendergast, Kieran MacSweeney

 Shannon Airport as an enabler for the region:            Tadhg Kearney, Reg Freake, Colm O’Donovan  

 Local Government Governance Review for Limerick:                    Kieran MacSweeney, Harry Fehily, Richard Rice, Gordon Kearney, Liam Dwan, John Rice, Tadhg Kearney     

  • City/CountyBoundary:
  • Implementation of the Task Force Recommendations:         
    • Regeneration Plans for the City:
    • Corporate Social Responsibility

 Ongoing Financial Sustainability of the Chamber:     Derry McCarthy, Tadhg Kearney, Micheal O’Laoide

  • To include preparation for 2015 Bi-centenary of the Chamber
  • To include assessment on the redevelopment of the chamber building.

 Festival proposals for the City/Region and Chamber events:                               Eoghan Prendergast, Sean Lally, Reg Freake,

  • To include introduction of business awards to the President’s Dinner
  • To include identification of a festival which can grow to attract 100,000 visitors to the region

 Collaboration opportunity with Strategic Partners:   Colm O’Donovan, Eamon Dillon

–         UL/Kemmy Business School,  Limerick Institute of Technology and others to be identified

These committees will develop  and work on these initiatives and bring proposals to the full board for approval. The initiatives are intended to address the immediate short-term concerns identified by the members such as the city centre issues that are being actively pursued at the moment as well as the medium and longer-term strategies that need to be pursued by the Chamber. Whereas I am excited about seeing positive progress on each of these initiatives, I am particularly excited about the business opportunities  that could arise from identifying and attracting an international festival with the ultimate capability of attracting 100,000 visitors to the city and the region. Work has already commenced on this initiative.

We have a very busy 2 weeks ahead with the follow-up meetings with City Council where we are awaiting replies on the issues we raised on rates and on parking.  In addition, the committee working on the Local Government Governance Review for Limerick will be taking input from Limerick City and County local authorities,  Clare local authority and other stakeholders in the region as we prepare the submission from the chamber by the deadline of the 4th May. I will keep everyone posted on these and on the other initiatives in future blog updates.